Haj House proposal at Shamshabad hanging fire

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The government appears to be having second thoughts about setting up the new Haj House near the Shamshabad Airport. Though a sum of Rs. 12.50 crore was sanctioned, and of this Rs. 3 crore released, the matter is hanging fire as the State Haj Committee and the Wakf Board have not come to an agreement.“It is for these two bodies to sort out the issue,” said Minister for Minorities Welfare Syed Ahmedullah.

He was speaking after releasing the application forms for Haj-2014 here on Saturday. Later clarifying the point, Syed Omer Jaleel, Special Secretary, Minorities Welfare Department, said various options were being explored, and that the proposals would be shortly sent to the government. The only advantage of establishing the Haj House near the Airport was convenient transport of pilgrims. On the other hand, pilgrims will have a tough time travelling to the Haj House at Shamshabad for various things before the actual journey.

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