Western plan for looting Libya's oil almost done! Partition of Libya looms.

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Media is buzz with the 'looming civil war' in Libya, and rightly so.  Just this week the Western favorite, the Prime Minister of Libya, Ali Zeidan escaped to Germany after being charged with corruption and issued a travel ban.

I say Ali Zeidan, is western governments favorite, because you see he is described as 'strong-minded liberal' and to top that off he was a 'Geneva based human rights lawyer' to boot.  Just what you need to 'mediate' between Libya's various factions to enforce "Democracy" after freeing Libya from Gaddafi's dictatorship. 

Obviously Ali Zeiden, was at loggerheads with the Islamist led Congress that appointed him in the first place after Libya's first democratic elections, and he accused Muslim Brotherhoods Justice and Construction party of 'undermining' him.

So the question is why Zeiden escaped Libya? Why when he as Prime Minster, ordered the rebel oil tanker stopped, the US Military patrolling the area did not help after encountering it?  You'll know the answers to these when you know this first.

Who are the Rebels that now control two thirds of Libya's oil region?

Ibrahim Jathran is the face of Libyan rebels.  The 33-year-old leader of the rebels last year set up the Cyrenaica Political Bureau, named after the eastern province that contains two-thirds of the country's oil, and he is now in control of the seized key oil terminals.

When Zeidan, the then Prime Minister, the western governments man for Libya, sent his Tug boats to stop "Morning Glory", the oil tanker which left Libyan port from rebel held areas with £20m worth of oil, they failed to stop it.  The US Military Warship patrolling the area encountered the oil tanker but did not bother to help the Libyan government.  

Thats right, the NATO, US and their military just let the rebel oil slip by, it is reported going east along the Egyptian coast, destination unknown.  To top that off, there is news that a second tanker was heading for rebel-held ports.

So, how come the Western Goverments just let these rebels sell Oil, are'nt they affraid with million of dollars in cash they will buy more weapons and just make more mischif.

Rebel spokesman, Essam Jimani had this to say 

"We don't want independence. But if the Muslim Brotherhood are too powerful and it led to civil war, we would be forced to become an independent state."

"All of this is against the Muslim Brotherhood, not against ordinary Tripolitanians," 

You see, from the above statement, these are 'good' rebels and they hold two thirds of Libya's oil to boot.

"Freeing Libya" with Africa's largest oil reserves and only 6 million people to share the wealth was not in vain! 

Partition of Libya could not have come at a better time! Libya's gas can be piped to Italy, a valuable alternative source of energy to a European Union dependent on supplies frm the ever more 'erratic Russia' who according to EU and US has this crazy notion to support the 'democratic' referendum taking place in Crimea today.

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