Johammer J1.200: The World's First electro Motorbike Designed in Austria

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Johammer J1.200 Electric Motorcycle

The Johammer J1.200 is the first electro motorbike in the world offering a 200 km (124 miles) driving range, in combined motorway and city driving, on one full charge, according to the company. The J1.200 weighs 178kg, including a 12.7 kWh battery pack. 
It has an 11 kilowatt hub-mounted motor which translates to 14 horsepower with a top speed of 130 kph (80mph).

An employee of Johammer e-mobility company rides a J1.200 electro motorcycle near to the headquarters in Bad Leonfelden.

Developed, designed and produced in Austria, the J1.200 costs 25,000 Euros ($34,000).

Specification :

  • Total length: 2,200 mm
  • Total height: 1,300 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,455 mm
  • Sloping position: 43°
  • Handle bar width: 814mm inch
  • Sitting position height: 650 mm
  • Mass center height: 350 mm


Technical details :

  • Power: 11kW
  • Gear ratio: 1:10.15
  • Brushless AC-motor, with single-level gear, both running in oil bath, lifetime lubrication, maintenance free
  • electric enginge brake with energy recuperation
  • air cooling

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