KCR demands for Underground Metro Rail in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad Metro Rail Project

Popular infrastructure company L&T gave a shock to Telangana. The company said that it would not be henceforth associated with the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project!

With this the future of Metro Rail Project that began in a prestigious way becomes questionable! Going into details, ever since TRS government took charge of the Telangana state, the Metro project has been facing obstacles.

There has been pressure on the L&T from the government to consider constructing underground metro in places where historical and heritage monuments (such as Assembly, Sultan Bazar, Badichowdi, Mozamjahi Market areas, so on and so forth) are there.

The company questioned the sudden change in plans after it has started works (for above the ground Metro) at some of the aforesaid areas. The company is not appreciation the change in alignment of the work forced upon by the government that it had eventually decided to boycott the entire work now! It remains to be seen how KCR and his team will put back the Metro on tracks again!

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