AndhraPradesh Express to become Telangana Express

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Telangana Express

The Train that shuttles between Hyderabad and New Delhi in the name of Andhra Pradesh Express (AP Express 12723/12724) will be soon renamed as Telangana Express. It is evident that in the recent Railway Budget 2014-15, a new train between Vijayawada and Delhi has been allocated. The same will be soon named as Andhra Pradesh Express, while the existing AP Express will be renamed as Telangana Express.

From the other end, already a train No 17035 that shuttles between Secunderabad and Sirpur Kagaz Nagar exists in the name of Telangana express. So, in order to avoid the confusion and conflict, it is learnt KCR has asked the officials to choose another name for existing Telangana express. As soon as the name will reach officially to the railway board, the names will be changed accordingly, added sources.

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