From Black to White: KCR's convoy of cars changed

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From Black to White: KCR's convoy of cars changed

The colour of the cars in the convoy of the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has turned into white.

The officials got the cars re-painted from black to white following the directions of KCR. Colours of three black Fortuner cars and police vehicles accompany the convoy have been changed to white. KCR feels that white colour  is auspicious and wanted the officials to paint his black cars white.

Rao stunned everyone at Secretariat on Friday, when he arrived from Raj Bhavan. Except the security personnel, no one knew that the VIP’s vehicle clour was changed.  Later, every one at the Secretariat discussed the issue and eagerly went to the C-Block to see the change of colours.

The colour of the remaining three vehicles too would be changed shortly.

Rao wanted his vehicles in white as he considered white as a lucky colour and at his instance the colour has been changed. The lucky number of KCR is six and its representing clour is white.


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