GHMC Mayor Majid Hussain launches Driver cum owner scheme


Mohammed Majid Hussain, H.W.Mayor, GHMC said that it is very proud to announce that a single missed call to the land line number 040-710 120 14 will register their name and the concerned youth will receive call from GHMC on working days where he can pursue his employment and job opportunities. The GHMC is the only Corporation in the entire Country is providing such a unique scheme called eVAN (Employment Van) to get the jobs to the unemployed youth in the jurisdiction of the GHMC. 

H.W.Mayor said GHMC has taken up lot of initiatives involving IT Sectors even Birth Certificates have been made online, data base has been updated and further stated that parents use to roam the offices of the Municipal Corporation for getting birth certificates days together, but not the GHMC has provided the parents who register their name at the hospitals for the delivery case within 24 hours the GHMC is providing them with birth certificate at their door steps. 

H.W.Mayor said that the GHMC has also taken up 24x7 call centre 21 11 11 11 to represent their grievances to solve their grievances at the earliest, at the call centre the grievances are being redressal at Hierarchy level. If there problems are not solve at lower staff it will be escalated to the next level at last it will go to the extent of the Commissioner, GHMC for solving the grievances. Such detailed care is being taken for the redressal of the grievance of the Call Centre.

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