Kejriwal apologises for quitting as CM, seeks fresh elections in Delhi

Three months after quitting as the Chief Minister of Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal has apologised for his resignation. Kejriwal said that he has sensed the mood of the people in the state who feel that he had run away leaving the work mid-way.

"People are upset that we left them in the middle of nowhere, they are upset we resigned," he said.

Calling for fresh elections in the state, Kejriwal added that he would go back to the people yet again and hold Jan Sabhas to get in touch with them and clarify his stand on the resignation. "After the Lok Sabha results in Delhi, one thing is clear that people tell me we are honest and we challenge others," he exuded confidence.

Listing out the reasons for the people's anger, the former Delhi CM said, "We had reduced electricity bills while the Congress increased it again. Police started bullying people. Sales tax officials started raiding. People felt we left them in this situation and that's why they are angry with us."

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