Telangana Police launches Interceptor Vehicles in Hyderabad to foil armed attacks

Telangana Police launched 17 Interceptor Vehicles in Hyderabad to foil armed attacks.

These vehicles will be stationed at important strategic locations in the city equipped with an armed component of four persons with bullet proof jackets and will be on duty round-the-clock and will have high-tech communication equipments. 

Telangana Home Minister N Narsimha Reddy, speaking after flagging off 17 Interceptor Vehicles in the first phase under Hyderabad Commissionerate jurisdiction said 25 more vehicles will be soon launched under Cyberabad Police limits. 

"It is envisaged as yet another people friendly exercise through Community Policing and to achieve the ultimate vision of secure and safe Hyderabad city. The idea is to inculcate a sense of confidence, solidarity and security among the cross section of Hyderabad public at large," the minister said.

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