Health Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)

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Fig (Anjeer)

Figs or Anjeer is a fruit that everyone must eat. They are seasonal fruits that are found in Western parts of Asia. However, dried figs are always available in the market near you. Figs belongs to the mulberry family. Figs have smooth skin, crunchy seeds and chewy pulp that tastes very good and they are very healthy also. The anjeer(fig) fruit is very rich in minerals, vitamins and fibres that can give you many health benefits. The little fruit has a good content of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphate, sodium, potassium and chlorine that can do wonders to cure your health related problems.

1. Lowers blood pressure:

Figs are perfect fruit for those suffering from high blood pressure. It is generally advised for people suffering from high blood pressure to increase intake of potassium in their diet. Figs are rich in potassium and minerals that helps to control hypertension. It has been found in researches that people who consume good amounts of potassium have lower blood pressure than those who consume less potassium.

2. Controls Diabetes

What can be better news for diabetics that they can now eat something sweet without worrying about their sugar levels? Figs have anti-diabetic properties that can help you to lower your blood sugar level. Researches have found that if a person takes fig leaves extract on empty stomach every morning, then it can lower the blood sugar level significantly.

3. Treats Heart Disease:

Studies have shown that daily consumption of figs can lower triglyceride levels in the blood. Triglycerides are the main form of fats (they are also known as ugly fat cells) that circulate in the blood. Higher triglyceride levels in the blood can give rise to obesity and many heart problems.

4. Helps in Weight Management:

Figs are very rich in dietary fibers. Therefore, they are a perfect option for those who want to loss weight. A high fiber diet helps to slow down the digestion and cuts your hunger.

5. Strong Bones:

Figs are rich in Calcium and Magnesium which helps in strengthening the bones and prevent from thinning of bones.

6. Eye Health:

Figs are ideal for eye-sight. They’re outstanding options for vitamin A, which usually helps prevent degeneration of eye-sight that takes place as we grow older. Consuming figs on a regular basis is the better option you’ve got for sustaining ideal eye health. A glowing skin or even excellent eyesight in old age is a few of the benefits of anti-oxidant abundant foods.

7. Skin Health:

Fig fruits are good for our skin as they are rich in antioxidants. The phenols and flavonoids are the two constituents of antioxidants abundantly found in figs. They provide excellent anti-aging effects. When baked figs are applied on the skin, it can bring down various forms of skin inflammations such as boil and abscess.

8. Treats Anemia:

Fig health advantages consists of correction of anemia. Figs have got higher iron as well as foliate content. This really is extremely good for iron lacking anemic individuals, together with seriously menstruating, pregnant as well as lactating women. Whenever fig is taken along with milk, it may result in enhancement in anemic problem.

9. Good for Asthma:

Figs are believed valuable in the management of asthma. Phlegmatic cases of cough as well as asthma are cured with success by their use. It provides comfort to the patient by draining of the phlegm.

10. Cancer Prevention:

Fiber present in figs is useful to flush out all the harmful toxins from the body including cancer causing substances. Regular bowel movement and flushing out of toxins can prevent colon cancer.

11. Remove Kidney Stones:

Figs also helps a lot to remove Kidney stones. Boil 3-4 figs in a cup of water and drink it. Consume this daily up to a month to remove kidney stones.

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