Telangana State Police gets new logo & Uniform Badge

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Telangana Logo And Uniform Badge

The new Telangana logo, with four colours, adds boost to the Telangana police. The word ‘Police’ in red vibrantly conveys that the police is in support of enabling citizens with wholesome protection round-the-clock. Black denotes qualities like straight forwardness, authority and power. Blue represents objectives of the police like peace, tranquility, harmony, order, loyalty, cleanliness and confidence while gold symbolises unique traits like success, achievement, triumph, prosperity, quality, prestige, sophistication, value and elegance.

The logo also includes three essential principles Duty, Honour and compassion , with the Telangana police intends to operate and offer its support to the citizens.

The four Asiatic lions, standing with their back together, with the adage ‘Satyameva Jayate’ signify power, courage, pride and confidence.

According to the orders issued on Sunday, the new shoulder badge will have a Length of 98 mm and Width of 76 mm.

The police logo would become effective from August 15 and would be displayed on uniforms and police vehicles. The logo was designed by Laxman Aelay, the artist who also designed the Telangana Logo

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