50,000 CCTV Cameras to Keep Eye on City : GHMC Mayor Majid Hussain

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GHMC Mayor Majid Hussain

Hyderabad and Secunderabad as well as Cyberabad would be equipped with at least 50,000 closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) cameras very soon. Tenders would be invited in two weeks’ time.

Concrete plans for the first phase have been prepared and the same would be submitted to the GHMC Standing Committee for approval. After the approval of the general body, tenders would be floated for installing the CCTVs at important places.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, GHMC Mayor Majid Hussain along with deputy Mayor G Raj Kumar, GHMC commissioner Somesh Kumar and Hyderabad police commissioner M Mahdender Reddy asked the GHMC and the police department to install the surveillance cameras in sensitive areas and in those places where criminal activities are reportedly high.

GHMC Mayor Majid Hussain said, the installation process would take around 100 days. He wanted the GHMC and police to take up the installation process at the earliest.

Public safety is not the sole responsibility of the police department. The Public Safety Act was brought not only to curb crime, but also to ensure safety to all citizens of the city, the Mayor said.

Mahender Reddy the Police commissioner said the CCTVs would be interlinked with the GHMC, HMWS&SB, HMR, Transco and Genco departments.

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