Telangana Sarkar To Pay Andhra Pradesh Students Fees

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Telangana Sarkar Government Released First Phase Fees Reimbursement

Telangana Sarkar came down a step and agreed to pay the pending fees to the Engineering Colleges under the Fees Reimbursement Scheme. These payments were also expected to include the fee of AP students studying in Telangana region over the last four years.

Govt. has to release Rs. 15000 crore but at the first phase of the grant Rs. 500 crore will be released.

The AP Government has released a GO formulating the guidelines for eligibility of the fee reimbursement. As per these fresh guidelines of AP, only the students whose family income is below 2 lakhs are eligible for the reimbursement and that too the BC,SC and ST are the only sections that could avail this Government's facility.

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