Eye infections spread in Vizag

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Eye infections spread in Vizag

A large number of people in Vizag city have been affected with Eye infection. The city is filled with the debris of the fallen trees with recent Hudhud cyclone and the authorities have not yet cleared it. Even the drinking water is also not yet purified. The public is also consuming the impure water and living under unhygienic conditions.

The public affected with the virus are getting eye infections. The virus is spreading through air and infecting the people. They are suffering with watering and burning eyes.

Resident medical officer of K.G.Hospital K.S.L.G. Sastri said,keep a distance from the infected people and not to shake hands with them. The affected people should use eye drops and glasses to minimise the spreading of the virus. Cleanliness will go a long way in keeping away from the eye infection.”


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